Bathrooms are just the room to upgrade or improve that will make your home more valuable when done judiciously. Obviously, you would not want to spend a disproportionate amount on any room in your home and the bathroom is no exception (e.g. $20,000.00 bathroom remodel on a home valued at $80,000.00 to $100,000.00)

What items would be worth considering when “freshening up” one or more of your bathrooms? Certainly a new vanity would be visually appealing and perhaps add additional functionality. Standing in front of a brand new vanity while shaving, brushing one’s teeth, combing or brushing your hair, or just plain admiring the wonderful reflection in the mirror above a brand new vanity could not only make you feel better physically, but psychologically as well. It sure beats standing in front of an old, worn out, beat-up vanity that may have looked good 20 some years or so ago.

While replacing the vanity, how about a new mirror and lighting as well? The mirror that was originally installed may not be as fine looking as it was when installed and lighting fixtures have come a long way in design and efficiency.

Is your present toilet loose and ready to fall off its mount? Why not install an efficient low-flow water toilet to complete your bathroom upgrade? Give yourself a nice feeling of being a contributor to the environment and helping to reduce water waste. Also, a lower water bill gives you more spending money to offset the investment in upgrading during your bathroom remodel.


Finally, why not take a close look at the flooring.  Is that the original, outdated pattern that was just barely in style when the home was built? Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and bring your remodel into the current century. With a multitude of materials to use in today’s’ flooring, a decision could seem a bit overwhelming. What’s a person to do? Here’s what I like to do and it could work for you too; How about going to brand new homes that are open for inspection? Not only can you see for yourself what builders are putting into model homes (that they think will appeal to new home buyers), but there may be a representative on-site who wouldn’t mind you looking at several samples that they offer in various rooms (including, of course, the bathrooms!).

Keep your investment budget in mind and don’t go overboard, unless you are doing this totally for you and intend to stay in your home for a long enough time to at least get your money back.

A couple of days ago our next door neighbors had a new section of fence installed in their back yard. My wife gave them the “ok” for them to “tie into” part of our fence along one section in order for them to save some money. Was this a good idea or not? Time (as they say) will tell.

Since both of our yards have a downward slope to them, I was curious as to how the fence would be constructed, whether or not they would paint or stain it, and this is what I discovered. There are basically two methods used with a slope and that is to use what is called the “step method” or the “parallel method”. Without drawing some pictures here, it might be a little difficult to visualize.

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